Yang Yu, President
Yang Yu graduated from Lanzhou Fashion Workers University in 1995 and moved into the Chinese arts and entertainment industry in 1998.
She became vice president of the parent company, the China-Italy Museum League (Beijing) Culture Media Co. Ltd., from 2007 to 2016 in Beijing, with the purpose of enhancing the friendship between China and Italy.  She promoted cultural exchanges and produced hundreds of world-class arts, cultural exhibitions, performances and events. By 2016, the company had grown into an international corporation focused on cultural exchanges, exhibitions, performances, education and the creative arts.
At this time, the parent company established the subsidiary CIML (Canada) Culture Media Ltd., and  because of her connections and many years of leadership experience, Yang Yu was appointed President of CIML (Canada). Under her leadership, CIML (Canada) has connected with international partners, hosted first-class exhibitions and cross-cultural events and performances, launched into the archaeology field, provided advanced educational programs, and is contributing to the Canadian arts and culture industry.
Ms. Yu’s major achievements include:
• Beijing Palace Museum in Rome, Italy – exhibition of 400 cultural relics
• Symphony Orchestra of Rome Performance Tour in China
• The Uffizi Gallery Exhibition in China – attracted 1.16 million visitors
• Organized China-Italy Museum League with hundreds of national level museums and universities from China and Italy
• Mei Lanfang Beijing Opera Tour in Europe
• Exhibition of Giuseppe Verdi’s 200 Birthday in China
• A series of educational seminars about the Beijing Opera in Greater Vancouver
• Mei Lanfang Beijing Opera Tour in Vancouver and Victoria
• 2018 Astro Global Fun Meeting, Vancouver
• CIML(Canada) joined the international archaeological project entitled “The Amelia Project”
Kelly Zhao, Chief Financial Officer
Kelly was born in Haerbin, China. She obtained her degree from UBC’s Sauder School of Business in 2007, her CPA/CGA in 2011 and has worked in the arts and culture industry in Vancouver since 2016, assisting with the Beijing Opera in BC for six performances. Kelly understands the benefits of taking adventures and would like Canadian students to experience an educational, cross-cultural trip.
Kathie Krahn, Marketing Director
Kathie has worked in education in BC for 25 years. She has travelled to 28 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East with her husband and children. Kathie is passionate about discovering new things, trekking hillsides, and learning from different cultures and people. Art and archaeology are two of her favorite things. She is a member of the American Archaeological Association, Vancouver chapter.
Alessandra Bravi, Archaeologist
Alessandra was born in a small medieval city in Umbria and studied Greek and Roman archaeology in Rome, where she obtained her degree and doctorate.  As research assistant in Heidelberg and Perugia, she was involved in projects about Greek, Roman and Byzantine visual culture, cultural transfer and constructing identities of marginal societies in the Greco-Roman age.  She likes to re-experience the secrets of ancient places and immerse herself in the beauty of the stratified past in the landscapes of Italy, a melting pot of Etruscans, Umbrians, Greeks and Barbarians living side by side and changing through contact with one another.  She is a member of the Faculty of Philosophy at Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg.
Guozhi Wu, Project Manager   
Support Staff
Michelle Li
Henry Wu

Mission Statement

CIML Canada's mission is to organize, coordinate and host first-class exhibitions and cross-cultural experiences that satisfy the need for an ever-expanding selection of arts events and experiences in the multi-cultural hub of Vancouver and across Canada.

Vision Statement

CIML Canada will contribute to the growth and esteem of arts and culture by providing an array of exhibitions and performances for arts appreciation, cultural exchange and multiculturalism in Canada.


CIML Canada

Promoting first-class exhibitions, performances and cross-cultural experiences through collaboration between Canada, Italy and China is the reason CIML Canada was incorporated in Canada in 2016.  Our organization links 100+ museums and universities and has been responsible for over 200 exhibitions annually for the last ten years, as well as providing cross-cultural archaeological and educational experiences.

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