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1. The Heritage Science and Technology Course

(2020 trips cancelled due to COVID-19)
This is an exclusive 14 day educational trip to Italy for senior high school students to study art, architecture and archaeology. The study takes place mostly in and around the ancient Umbrian city of Amelia,  with its 2,500 year old city walls, an underground Roman cistern in use until recently, churches with paintings by famous medieval artists, and museums with artifacts that date back to the 6th century BC through to the Romanization.
Beginning with a study of technologies used in the past, our students examine the beauty, utility and stability of ancient architecture and are challenged to discover secrets that will provide innovative and environmental solutions for the future.
CIML’s Amelia archaeological dig just outside the city wall is set to begin excavation in Spring 2020, and students will be able to use technology to take part at the lab and on site, where surveys indicate 30 tombs in the ancient necropolis, a Greek temple, a Roman temple, and more.
Art components will consist of the study of art in museums and churches and may include projects such as painting a frescoe and making a mosaic, as well as partaking in the ARCA conference on art crime.
Essentially, the students have access to the best instructors, coordinators, technology, and restricted excavation sites and museums. The trip will conclude with two days in Rome to see art, architecture and archaeology with new eyes and new reflection.  It is an amazing opportunity for high-impact education through experiences and learning communities, and a small-class experience with global learning and research.  Students will receive high school credits for the course.
Not only does this study trip provide cross-cultural and inquiry based learning, this experience supports the new BC curriculum and places CIML as a leader in providing international experiential learning trips.

"Tomorrow's skills today - collaboration, critical thinking, and communications.  New curriculum is designed so students learn these skills - which are exactly what post-secondary institutions and employers say they need......The focus is on concepts.  Students will understand and work with the big ideas, rather than simply memorizing the facts." (from Ten things to know about B.C.'s new curriculum, BC Gov News September 6, 2017)


Ø The trip focuses on the ancient Umbrian walled city of Amelia and finishes in Rome

Ø Theoretical Lessons + Lab Experience + Advanced Technology + Art Experience + Practical Field Work

Ø Exclusive restricted access to museums and historical sites

Ø Hands-on study of frescos, relics and artifacts spanning centuries

Ø Unique and profound life learning experience far superior to typical travel

Ø Direct inter-action with professors and professionals actually involved in the excavation, preservation and restoration of famous sites in Italy

Ø Fascinating discovery and hands-on learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, with a special focus on conservation, environment, and nature

Ø Using some of the most advanced technology available today

2.  Two Week Winter Camp in Vancouver 
CIML is providing a unique winter camp for students (and their parents) from China to learn English, experience Canadian culture, develop skills in a variety of winter sports, and visit some of the sights such as Grouse Mountain, the Richmond Olympic Oval, and more in and around the beautiful city of Vancouver. See the brochure for details.  (To be announced)
3.  Art Appreciation and Masters Strings Music Camp in Italy (To be announced)

4.  Archaeology Field Studies Trip to CIML's Pantanelli Archaeological Site in Amelia, Italy   (To be announced)

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