Masterpieces from the Forbidden City

Invited by Fondazione Roma Italy, The Palace Museum held the Masterpieces from the Forbidden City exhibition in the Corzo Museum. The exhibition art pieces traveled from the Forbidden City to the overseas museum, so that the Italian people could enjoy the exquisite palace treasures, not only for the beauty, but also for a deeper understanding of the ancient Chinese culture. The Palace Museum selected 120 pieces from the collection representing the Qing Dynasty. This first exhibition at the Palace Museum Exhibition included four sections:

Part One

Ceremony and System - The set of Throne Room Furnishing and Ceremonial Robes showed the majesty of Court Ceremony.  “The Portrait of Emperor Qianlong Reviewing the Army” and Armors showed the magnificent scene of Reviewing the Eight Banner soldiers.

Forbidden City 01

Part Two

Life of Emperors and Empresses – The exhibition represented almost every aspect of the lives of the court, ranging from clothing, food, housing, transportation and the performance of religious activities.  The exhibition showed the authority of the rulers and activities such as playing instruments, chess, Chinese calligraphy and paintings. The scenery of the  Imperial Birthday Ceremony in the Qianlong period (1790) and the furniture of the Hall of Mental Cultivation were represented. 

Forbidden City 02

Part Three

Western Technology in the Palace Museum – This part mainly reflected the influence of the western technology on Court life

Forbidden City 03

Part Four

Italian Painter – This part comprehensively exhibited all kinds of the paintings by Giuseppe Castiglione

Forbidden City 04

History is about creating a better future. We admire those who have made important contributions to our cultural exchanges in history, and we are looking forward to the glorious chapter of our cultural exchanges. The 120 pieces of cultural relics exhibited in Italy portray China's cultural traditions and contribute to the friendship between the two countries. The exhibition had a positive influence on the mutual understanding and friendship between China and Italy.

Forbidden City 05