Terms and Conditions

Dear Parents and Students;  

CIML Canada is excited to introduce you to our summer trips to  Italy— unique, educational and life-changing experiences.  Not only will students be able to experience first-hand insights from the ancient and classical Roman world, but be able to do so with world-class professors and teachers from Italy and Canada and alongside students from across Canada!   These courses have been specially prepared to include lessons and inquiry based learning.
Our students come from public and private schools across Canada and are from a variety of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds.  Our teachers and staff are hand-picked to provide the safest and most quality experience for the students.
I hope the information we have prepared in this booklet will prove helpful, but feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. 
Kathie Krahn     
CIML (Canada) Culture Media Ltd.  
Kelly Zhao
CIML (Canada) Culture Media Ltd.
Academics - Heritage Science & Technology
This exclusive study trip to Italy has been designed for Gr. 11 and 12 students who have an interest in art, archaeology or architecture and who would like to prepare for  a university academic discipline in these areas.  This course is substantially different from the Ministry of Education courses and therefore provides additional study that is complementary to and in addition to other courses available.  This course will provide 4 course credits, subject to approval by the student’s  BC school, and the possibility of 4 additional credits for a Capstone Project.
Students will  have opportunity to learn from professors and world experts from Italy as well as Canada.  The experiential learning will include lab experience, advanced technology, art experience and practical field work.  An enquiry-based learning experience with hands-on learning results in an optimal educational experience.   Imagine getting to know and work with students from across Canada who have the same interests and goals.
Amelia Italy is the major focus of the trip.   It is a small walled city in Umbria, about an hour north of Rome and having a wealth of history and culture to discover including a 2.500 year old city wall , architecture from the 1st century AD, Roman roads, ancient mosaics and cisterns as well as medieval architecture and art.  In addition, CIML  is launching an archaeological excavation in the spring of 2020, where students will be part of the discovery of artifacts from the 7th to 4th century BC up to the Romanization.
The University of La Tuscia in Viterbo is a scientific partner in our archaeological dig as well as an excellent source for studies in art and art restoration.  Students will get a taste of the rich history of Viterbo, including the Palace of the Popes and other museums and churches.
Art experience will include visiting and viewing art in multiple museums and churches, but will also include making items such as a small mosaic from Italian marble, a fresco, and an icon.
To conclude the study trip, the students will spend several days in Rome, observing architecture, art and history  while making connections to the artists, architects and archaeological artifacts studied in Amelia.  
Dates for the trip:  Saturday March 14 to Saturday, March 28.
Cost of the trip:  $5,800 CA; $6,100 CA after December 7, 2019
Website:  www.cimlonline.ca
Facebook: CIML Canada

The safety of our trip participants is of utmost importance to us.  We take very seriously our responsibility to ensure that the trip runs smoothly, that the students can exercise some independence while under the responsibility and supervision of chaperones and teachers and that the educational component of the trip is of unequaled quality. 

Direct Staff Supervision
Parents can be assured that our chaperones, teachers and administrative people are always close by in the same castles, hotels, hostels and residences and providing a good selection of supervised group activities during free time.
Safety & Supervision During the Day
High school students are required to travel in groups of 6 or more students at all times accompanied by an adult supervisor.  During free time, high school students will have opportunity to participate in organized activities, study, have lunch in restaurants or cafes, visit local sites, or do some shopping.  An adult supervisor will be in attendance with the group.
Safety & Supervision at Night
After dinner, students may study, stay in their room, take part in organized activities or visit local sites.  If students leave the hotel/hostel/residence, they must sign out in groups of 6 or more students and be accompanied by an adult supervisor, and sign in together before curfew.


For high school students, curfew is set at 10:30 pm and any students returning after curfew will be grounded.  Overnight stays away from the program are not permitted—no exceptions.
Contacting Staff
In case of emergency, staff can be reached by phone at on a 24-hour basis.
Checking In on Your Teenager
Facebook posts will be available to parents on a regular basis.  Students, teachers and administrative staff will be posting information, pictures and videos for access.  A signed release will be signed by students (if 19 years of age) or by parents for permission to post pictures and information.
Health & Allergies
An authorization to Administer Medication form must be filled out and signed by a parent if a student needs medication during the day.  The designated staff member will keep the medication in a secure place and administer to the student at the appropriate times.  This medication and instructions must also be listed on the student’s health form.
If a student is demonstrating symptoms of a contagious illness such as fever, stomach ache, nausea, etc., he or she will not be admitted on the trip.  If a student contracts lice or any contagious illness, he/she will be separated from the group until the issue is resolved or the student is sent home.
Reported food allergies will be accommodated where possible. It is recommended that students with allergies bring along several appropriate snacks to have ready as a backup plan.
All students and staff will be made aware of any life-threatening allergies within the group as a safety precaution.  Parents are asked that any food packed along with their teenager is 100% nut-free, peanut-free and sesame-free.
Students will need to have insurance coverage against loss of possessions, accident and emergency for the duration of the trip.  In order to ensure that all students have uniform and adequate insurance, CIML requires that insurance be purchased through our group provider.  This is very important.

Course Changes

CIML reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient registration of students by February 1, 2020 for Spring Trip or May 1, 2020 for Summer Trip.  Students will be offered any other CIML trip that does not have sufficient enrollment or a full refund.
Itinerary Changes
CIML has the right to adjust location, itinerary, accommodation or transportation for any of our trips and to provide alternatives of equal or better value and quality.   Changes will be minimized if at all possible.
Requirements for Documents & Visa
Passports must be valid for least six months after the student’s return to Canada.  International students residing in Canada must carry their Permanent Residence card or alternate legal documentation to verify Canadian residency.  International students should note that acquiring a Visa will take a minimum of 3 months.     CIML Canada will not be responsible for any students without the required documentation.
Medical travel advisories and travel recommendations can be accessed at:  phac-aspc.gc.ca/tmp-pmv/index-eng.php    Vaccinations are the choice and responsibility of the traveler.  Since some vaccinations and medications need to be taken several weeks prior to departure, please plan accordingly.
Code of Conduct
Administrators, teachers and students on this trip to Italy are expected to abide by a code of conduct consistent with that in Canadian schools so that all members feel safe and are safe. This right  to safety comes with the responsibility  and accountability for one’s actions.   The following activities are unacceptable on the trip and CIML Canada reserves the right to dismiss any student involved in:
 - possession of or use of cannabis, alcohol or illegal drugs.  No alcohol consumption is allowed on CIML       trips.
 - bullying or hate behavior
 - sexual activity  or pornography
 - activities considered illegal in Canada or in  Italy
 - continued disobedience of the rules
Arrangements will be made for the student to return home without delay at their own or their parent’s expense.  The student may  also be subject to penalties under the law of the destination country.
Liability & Responsibility
CIML will accept no responsibility for any travel arrangements that are recreational and not related to the academic program or accommodations.